Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of complications and death in people with diabetes, affecting two-thirds of the over 20 million diabetics in the United States. Under the auspices of the BioMed21 Diabetic Cardiovascular Disease Center (DCDC), interdisciplinary teams of scientists are exploring the interactions between derangements in blood sugar and fat levels and the aggressive and unique forms of heart muscle and vascular disease to which diabetics are particularly predisposed. Our objectives are:

  1. To discover and validate biomarkers—metabolic products in the blood or urine that can serve as markers of disease to facilitate early diagnosis, management and prevention. We are applying state-of-the-art instrumentation to revolutionize the measurements of metabolites and new non-invasive imaging modalities that are sensitive for the detection of the earliest physical changes in the heart in diabetes.

  2. To further our understanding of the molecular basis of diabetic cardiovascular disease, which is essential for development of novel therapies.

Our innovative approach will create a new paradigm for translating basic discoveries into tangible advancements in patient care and serve as a catalyst for broad research exploration that connects basic laboratories to the clinic in ways not easily achieved in traditional departmental structures. The long-term goal of this Center is to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in diabetes.