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DCDC Pilot & Feasibility Project Awards

The Center is pleased to announce the awarding of its first DCDC Pilot and Feasibility Awards to Peter Crawford, MD, PhD and Linda Peterson, MD. These multidisciplinary, collaborative projects were selected from a number of very competitive applications.

Dr. Crawford is an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine. His project builds on a recent collaboration with Drs Andre d’Avignon and Joseph Ackerman in the Department of Chemistry and will utilize the Metabolomics Facility for quantification of intermediary metabolites. The project, entitled “Energetic effects of ketone metabolism in insulin resistance,” builds on novel mouse models, recently developed in the Crawford lab, to understand the contributions of systemic and myocardial ketone metabolism to diet-induced insulin resistance. This project has the potential to establish a set of novel biomarkers that will risk-stratify within the diabetic population and also provide individualized guidelines for therapy.  

Dr. Peterson’s proposal, “Nutritional Therapy for Diabetic Cardiomyopathy,” will evaluate novel dietary interventions in humans with type 2 diabetes and diabetic cardiomyopathy. This project brings together expertise from the Departments of Medicine, Radiology, and Pediatrics, and the Program in Physical Therapy to test exciting new approaches to treatment of cardiovascular disease in diabetes.